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Healing with orgone energy

Physically healthy person would have energy flowing unobstructed through their body. However, when we experience traumas of any kind, no matter how seemingly insignificant, the energy flow in our bodies is restricted. Even negative thoughts can form energy blockages if they are strong or consistent enough.Since extreme energy blockages can eventually lead to health problems, we want to encourage a healthy flow of energy through our bodies.

However, orgonite can be a powerful tool that we can use to eliminate energy blockages. Since orgonite turns stagnant and negative energy into positive, healthy energy, surrounding ourselves with healing orgonite can help us get rid of energy blockages. Wearing an orgonite pendant and keeping orgonite in our vicinity will help dissolve energy blockages. Many people feel increased happiness after being introduced to orgonite – this is a sign of a healthier internal energy flow.

Chakras are the main energy vortexes in our bodies. If you think about it, you will mainly feel negative emotions in your chakras – painful feelings in your chest when you are heartbroken or disappointed, churning feelings in your stomach when you are worried, tight feelings in your throat when we feel intimidated, etc.
When we work on our chakras, we in turn affect the energy in our whole bodies, and we see huge changes in our lives. You will feel calmer, stronger, more grounded, and this will in turn affect what manifests in your life.

Treatment price for one home visit 350 000 IDR

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